Articulated Icons Clan of Dusks Embrace Ninja 6-Inch Figure


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With concentration, a ninja from the Clan of Dusk’s Embrace can stop their own heart. There, at the border between life and death, dark secrets are laid bare that only a ninja that has tasted death can know. The ninja returns from that journey changed in ways few can comprehend. For most ninja, their true powers lie in deception, subterfuge and illusion. But for a Dusk Ninja, illusion is unnecessary; the impossible becomes reality.


  • 6 inch scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Multiple points of articulation


  • ninja figure
  • katana and sheath
  • wakazashi and sheath
  • hood up
  • hood down
  • kunai x1
  • balaclava head
  • zukin head
  • torso strap
  • tactical harness
  • grip hands
  • chop hands
  • fist hands


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