G.I. Joe Snake Eyes 1:6 Scale Action Figure


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G.I. Joe Snake Eyes 1:6 Scale Action Figure

  • The ever-popular Snake Eyes!
  • Designed by Threezero, based on Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe character.
  • Snake Eyes stands about 12-inches tall in 1:6 scale.
  • Features interchangeable hands, 22 points of articulation, and a fabric outfit!
  • Includes a pistol, an Uzi, a knife, 2 katanas, grenades, and more!

Hasbro and Threezero teamed up for a series of 1:6 scale collectible figures redesigned by Threezero as inspired by Hasbro’s retro G.I. Joe characters. Standing about 12-inches tall and with 22 points of articulation, this G.I. Joe Snake Eyes 1:6 Scale Action Figure features Threezero’s standard fully articulated body, with fabric hand-tailored costuming and high attention to detail. Snake Eyes is decked out in his tactical outfit, chest harness, utility armbands, utility belt, forearm bracer, thigh pouch, knee pads, and tactical boots and comes with plenty of accessories (below).

Snake Eyes includes a full loadout of accessories, including:
1x Pistol
1x Uzi submachine gun
1x Tactical knife
2x Katana
3x Smoke grenades
3x Stun grenades
4x Pairs of interchangeable hands (fists, relaxed, holding firearms, holding other weapons)

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