Transformers Cybertrron Red Alert Deluxe Class


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Transformers Cybertrron Red Alert is a Deluxe Class scaled figure that stands 5.5-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from robot to Vehicle and back.


Transformers Cybertron was the final toyline in the Transformers Unicron Trilogy and followed both Transformers Energon and Transformers Armada. Toys in this toyline were heavily futuristic space based and included Cyber Keys. These large discs featured designs based on the planet of origin each unlocked pop-out weapons and action features in each toy once plugged into the key slot. These cyber keys were interchangable with any other figures in the line.


Start your Transformers Cybertron collection today with Red Alert. Add this highly sought-after piece to your collection today at TFSource, your source for Hasbro Transformers Collectible Action Figures.

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