Super 7 – SilverHawks Ultimates Buzz-Saw 8-Inch Action Figure


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SilverHawks Ultimates Buzz-Saw 8-Inch Action Figure:
One of the “sharpest” men in Limbo!
This Ultimates Buzz-Saw action figure stands 8-inches tall!
Inspired by the SilverHawks animated TV series.
The big bruiser features lots of weapons, two alternate heads, and two extra sets of hands.
Includes a blaster, an arm cannon, two pull handles, and Shredator!
The SilverHawks are back! As you can tell from his name, this guy is one of the “sharpest” men in Limbo. And, as this incredible SilverHawks Ultimates Buzz-Saw 8-Inch Action Figure, the big bruiser is ready to cut his way through your collection and into organized space crime. Packaged in a collector-friendly window box, this Ultimates Buzz-Saw action figure brings two alternate heads, two alternate hands, and gear that includes a blaster, an arm cannon, and two pull handles… plus his companion, Shredator! Won’t you please help Buzz-Saw make the lives of Limbo’s citizens more miserable? Order this Super7 SilverHawks Buzz-Saw action figure right away!

Collect all the Super7 SilverHawks Ultimates! 7-inch scale action figures (each sold separately).

UPC: 840049813366
Package Weight (pounds): 3
Package Length (inches): 12
Package Width (inches): 11
Package Height (inches): 4
Package Cubic Feet: 0.31
Package Dimensional Weight: 3.8
Carton Weight (pounds): 26.1
Carton Length (inches): 23.5
Carton Width (inches): 19.75
Carton Height (inches): 13.25
Carton Cubic Feet: 3.61
Carton Dimensional Weight: 44.89
Country of Origin: China
Age: 14+
Gender: Male


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