Super 7 – ThunderCats Ultimates Mumm-Ra 7-Inch Action Figure


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Thundercats are loose! Super7 is proud to announce the debut of the Ultimate Thundercats! Each 7-inch super-articulated deluxe action figure comes straight from Third Earth to you, beautifully painted and featuring a huge variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.

Mummy Mumm-Ra, the true form of the evil Mumm-Ra the Everliving, will be packed with:

Poseable Fabric Cape with wire insert
Plastic Cape
Sword of Plun-Darr
Book of Omens Repaint
Thundranium Urn
Rosenkrantz Medallion
Interchangable Head

Each Ultimate Thundercats figure will be packaged in a deluxe slip-case window box with the accessories.

Relive the excitement of the classic Thundercats cartoon like never before and collect all your favorite Thundercats characters!

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