Star Wars The Legacy Collection Darth Vader


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As has been the custom of the Jedi and Sith for many centuries, Vader uses a meditation chamber to enhance his powers. Within this specially pressurized, hyperbaric enclosure, the Sith Lord is able to remove his mask and briefly still be able to breathe.

Team up with your favorite member of the Dark Side and head into a galactic battle -? right from the comfort of your living room! Use this detailed Darth Vader figure to recreate some of your favorite Star Wars movie moments. Discover which Droid Factory part this sinister-looking figure comes with. Collect all the figures (sold separately) and build your very own R7-Z0 droid figure with the included Droid Factory parts. Figure comes with one Droid Factory part. This Star Wars figure would make a great addition to any Star Wars collection.

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